Deagostini Inox was founded in 1946 in Quarna Sotto by Umberto Deagostini. Initially known as “IDEA”, it was dedicated to the production of tips made in ferrous materials in order to keep clogs and shoes intact. With the advent of the tin plate, the company began to produce the first graters with a wooden handle, until becoming, in the mid-50s, one of the first Italian manufacturers of household items intended for homes, wedding lists, bars and hotels.


In 1958 Umberto’s son, Sandro, joined his father in running the family business. The increased production made it indispensable to inaugurate a second plant in Omegna, on the Lake of Orta and in the 80s, thanks to the economic growth, it was necessary to move to a bigger facility that could accommodate workers and machinery. The 90s marked the beginning of the production of equipments aimed at fitting out buffet for breakfast. Among the first companies to provide these tools, Deagostini took part in the creation of the buffet breakfast service, which was then consolidated especially at international luxury facilities.


In 2005 the company started the production of Live Cooking Stations, which became today a substantial component of the company’s mission. In 2009 Andrea, son of Sandro, joined the company management thus bringing Deagostini to its third generation, that combined with the link between design culture and quality of materials, enhances the “Made in Italy” in a universal dimension. Nowadays, the company counts collaborations with prestigious international facilities.


Umberto succeeded in transforming a post-war artisan reality into one of the first Italian manufacturers of household goods.

Umberto Deagostini
Sandro Deagostini


Sandro brought the company into the international reality making it, even today, a reference name in the hotel industry.


Andrea, passionate about design and technology, has brought the company into the modern world with energy, passion and inventiveness.

Andrea Deagostini


Functionality, technology and design have always represented Deagostini Inox company’s mission.​


Functionality represents the necessary condition of Deagostini products. The relationship between efficiency and form, intended as aesthetics, represents an added value that gives products beauty and appeal where form is never at the expense of function, but it rather elevates its prestige.


The diversified range of products, designed according to international standards of style, is the result of high-design choices, forerunner of new requirements and changes in contemporary living, thus giving a unique style.


The proximity of raw materials and local knowledge guarantee traditional languages revisited in a contemporary way, where technology always remains at the service of the design criteria. Traditional materials, such as wood and steel, blend with technology, creating beautiful environments to live, practical and durable.​


An accurate selection of materials – all of Italian and European origin, guaranteed for the food industry – is one of the secrets of the excellence of Deagostini Inox’s products. The manufacturing process is carefully controlled by trained staff and is entirely conducted in our factory. In addition, our collaborations with leading European producers of appliances confirm the quality of a high standard finished product.

Deagostini, thanks to its role as a manufacturer, guarantees a supplied and ready service of spare parts, in order to ensure the originality and the maximum functionality of its products, even after years of use.


Rigorous in its harmonic shapes, for a linear and functional aesthetic. In addition to its design strength, its resistance makes it a valuable, long lasting and reliable material. 100% recyclable, no maintenance, corrosion resistance and mechanical features are some of the connotations that make it an essential material.


100% recyclable, long lasting and with mechanical features that ensure lack of maintenance, corrosion resistance and sustainability. Bright finishes make details accurate and distinctive.​


Warm and cozy, it creates a sophisticated game of references between the past and the present, tradition and innovation. Marked by high value and natural finishes. Strong, compact, long lasting and easy to clean. It is the distinctive feature of every project.


Revolution and innovation in an excellent material thanks to its functional and aesthetic potentialities. Anti-scratch, waterproof, resistant to oils, steam and water. Unalterable up to 60°, anti bacterial and long lasting.


Extremely versatile, excellent for the creation of functional and aesthetically pleasing long lasting products. Recyclability, resistance, heat and shape stability make it one of the most required thermoplastic materials for new applications.


Pure and shiny, healthy and eco-friendly. Easy to clean and abrasion resistant. The charm of this precious material lies in its ability to show and separate, to contain and reveal at the same time.


Transparent, unbreakable, flexible and resistant. Its light transmission index of 92% makes it a shiny and bright plastic material. Versatile, it adapts perfectly to contemporary design and modern concepts.


A unique material in healthy culinary innovation. Exceptional characteristics of heath preservation and thermal transmission, immune to alkaline acids, high resistance against both high and low temperatures, non-stick and invariable over time.